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Another FNG
Hey guys and girls,

Just tossing up a "introduction" thread. I have been in the RC game for longer than I have not been. I have bounced around from stadium trucks, to road, to crawlers, to heli's, back to crawlers (lol) and now RWD drift.
 Coming from the full size drift scene it looked super cool, and I am sure super hard. I am a crew chief for a pro am car, and since the car is all built and we did not break it last event I am looking for a little fun in the off season.
 In peeking around in the forums here it looks like a good bunch of guys and girls that are willing to help out a noob as myself jumping into yet another hobby. I Love the "Body of the month" thread as coming from modeling I really enjoy the scale realism. In not being new to forums I will try to find my answer searching through the forums instead of mucking up the board with a bunch of useless noob threads.

Thanks guys 
Welcome, good then you certainly have some knowledge of the wheel geometry. Which seem necessary to improve on D4
Welcome to the forum.

Would be interested to see how much of 1:1 drifting physics translates to RC, should let us know once you really get into it :)

Cant wait to see you creations for BOTM!

[Image: dmsig02.jpg]
Thanks guys,

It's funny about the wheel geometry in the 1:1 cars is opposite of the RC cars...a plus wheel would have less dish than a negative wheel, but I get it. The D4 seems to be a good jumping off point, but far from a out of the box ready to go RWD car. From what I have researched it seems that the KPI is the main issue with the D4, followed closely by the wheel offset. I have some Tetsujin Super rims to handle the offset issue, but I am looking at all the different knuckles and my head is just spinning. Overdose, and MST seem to be the front runners as of now.
I to am looking forward to seeing how the 1:1 physics translate. One of the things that drew into the RWD RC drifting is watching the videos of the guys flicking into the long sweepers. It just looks so real.
As for the BOTM...I have somthing in the works already, wich may be a little dumb for my first RWD car. I may cry if I smash it

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