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Anthony's Wrap-Up Next FR-D
It is time!
[Image: 941999_395755210524585_1339963738_n.jpg]
[Image: KC_zpsd2cfde5e.jpg]
veady nice!!! cant wait to see this :)
Keep Drifting Fun
[Image: 9121590828_f56a93fe31_o.jpg]
+1 on what Rob said! Your builds are always inspiring!
[Image: twssig.png]
ZILLAlife*Hiro Seiko*Tonisport*SkyRC*RC OMG
Thanks Rob, & Tizer!

FR-D Kit Contents
[Image: 983625_395799593853480_1186685578_n.jpg]
[Image: KC_zpsd2cfde5e.jpg]
black,...there are a few in the build around the world
Oh nice.. Will be cool once finished.. Still debating if I should get one of these or not.. Can you use a type b DP for this build?
The underdog drifter....
[Image: 117.gif]
Tadayosi Kondou's FR-D Settings

- Tire
F Soft Wrap-Up
R Soft Wrap-Up

- Wheel
F N Model 4 mm
R N model 6 mm

- Camber
F 8 °
R 6 °

- Vehicle Height
F 6 mm
R 5 mm

- Toe
F a little toe-out
R 3 ° toe-in

- Spring
F 926 Black
R 926 White

- Oil
F 800
R 250

- Weights
Rear hubs 20 grams, ea
Top deck, rear 10 Grams
Diffuser, rear (brushless stator)

- Gear ratio
About 6.0

[Image: 20130529222337984.jpg]
[Image: 20130529222900846.jpg]
[Image: 20130529222903e10.jpg]
[Image: 201305292308343ae.jpg]
[Image: 2013052923083744b.jpg]
[Image: 20130529231323a83.jpg]
[Image: KC_zpsd2cfde5e.jpg]
in other words...

same as a 4WD
(05-30-2013, 05:41 AM)RE-Xtreme RC Wrote:  in other words...

same as a 4WD

haha right? It's so similar to my CS setups.
[Image: KC_zpsd2cfde5e.jpg]

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