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Anybody here drift Mini-Z or 1/27, 1/28 scale?
Are there anybody here that drift micro car?
I'm looking for someone to talk too about car setup and such.
My car is WLtoys P929 1/28 drift mod and I'm doing CS at 1.875 ratio. I have tried 1.5 before and it didn't suite my taste.

After just one run I can feel the difference. This is fantastic.
[Image: wltoyscs14_zpsjwqpksp2.jpg]
[Image: wltoyscs15_zpsnxisjpux.jpg]

Got the video rolling.

HI I am just getting started and I drift a MiniZ. That is a great mod, your skills are crazy good..! Hope to see more mods in the future..!

Hope more people will get interested in drifting mini R/c and drifting R/c :D
Gyro does a lot of work here.

This is much harder than 1/10 which has 2.14CS and I don't even need gyro there.
I have a couple of Spectrum AVC receivers will these work as a gyro?
Exceed RC MadPulse awd

Gyro is steering assist in AVC. I don't know if you can only turn on steering assist with throttle assist off or not.
In AVC you have 3 gain setting, Steering, Throttle, Priority. So I will assume that if I left the Throttle gain set to 0 that it might work. Might have to put one of my AVC rx in it and see what happens.

I didn't like it for racing, at times it wouldn't let me turn when I wanted to. Might have been the fact that I never got it set correctly but it was much easier to just driver it myself.
Exceed RC MadPulse awd

Too much gyro will make the car understeer especially if you have 50/50 or racing in general.
I only need gyro on this car because I can't do a lot of things with the setup.

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