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Associated RC10
Hey guys,

Associated is re-releasing their original RC10. I used to have one of these back in the day. It was the first hobby grade RC vehicle I owned - I bought it second hand at the LHS, complete with purple (dyed) nylon parts, oilite bushings and a mechanical ESC. I don't have any pictures of it (I had it in the mid '90s) but I do have many fond memories.

Anyway, I'm tempted to buy the kit once it's out. Did anyone else use to have one of these or ever ran one? Just being nostalgic here.

[Image: 8978936484_fb0a8c8671_o.jpg]
HPI Sprint 2 Drift
There was a convo about this on the chat before lol, and yeah I had one, but I sold it lol, it didn't handle right lol but for memory sakes slot of ppl seem to be getting those!!
I had a couple of these,


check the esc!!!

[Image: RE-Xtreme_2011_HIST_21_1985.jpg]

[Image: RE-Xtreme_2011_HIST_23_1985.jpg]

[Image: RE-Xtreme_2011_HIST_02.jpg]
Awesome pics! That ESC and battery are insane! Man, that brings back lots of memories. Yeah, I'm gonna have to get one. I think setting it up with a brushless system and a lipo would be pretty cool. Almost like a "restomod" of RC.

Anyone think the 6 gear transmission would hold up to it? I know the stealth transmissions are certainly smoother and more efficient, I just don't want to track one down, or a RC10B3 transmission.
HPI Sprint 2 Drift
Nicad Batteries had some abuse from the primitive quick chargers in those days.
Super hot temps were unavoidable. I think 800mah was about the best you could get.
I remember importing special 1100mah Yuasa batteries but they were super heavy.

I remember removing as much metal from the chassis to get the weight down,
the tub sides were mostly removed and chassis drilled like cheese
then in the last picture you can see all the plastic had been dyed black.

I actually can't remember the transmission..

I pretty sure I swapped a Reedy Blue Dot in this for modified and Yokomo 05R for our stock class.
I used to be semi-pro for TA back in the late 90's early 20000's. I raced an out of date B2 Factory Pro and a T3 Factory Pro. Best cars....EVERY. I LOOOOOOVED my B2. I still have my T3 and plan on cleaning it up for random offroad fun at local tracks.

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