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I notice there's really no presence for this release... 

Well, I'm new to this scene and my first build is gonna be this setup... I'll post up pics when I get it delivered and as I get it assembled... I'm sure a shit gonna have questions along the way as this will be my first go at everything RC ... 

If any of y'all have one already, anything I should be on the lookout for, suggestions, tips, whatever.... post up!. Info is lean out there.. 

Here's what's going into my build....  

Xerun pro esc

Xerun V10 G2 10.5T

Savox SC-1251MG low profile servo

Futaba GYC430 gyro 
[Image: IMG_20160725_191826_zps63whdug6.jpg]
Finally got everything together so I could get started.. And most importantly, some free time.. ;)

Bag 1 completed. Only issue was... Front shock arm was tight and wouldn't swing freely when put together with the two spacers on each side as the directions require... Decided to go with only one on the sides facing the center of the chassis.

I'm just going to assume these both are supposed to move freely at this point...

[Image: IMG_20160731_200029_zpskmoypgff.jpg]
So, I got a couple more steps done yesterday... Deciphering where exactly certain parts go based just on a picture does take some trial and error at times.. Mostly smooth running though... *drive pulley goes to the left* ;)

Learning lil tricks to keep things smooth along the way.. Towell to keep small bits from disappearing to the carpet forest, small dishes to separate each steps parts into while I work...
I definitely reccomend anyone getting into this hobby to buy all the tools needed and put one together ...

I'll keep posting here along my build and talking to myself... Thanks for lurking... ;)

[Image: IMG_20160801_235231_zps5yjkovys.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20160802_020351_zpsk8mj3qvd.jpg]
lurker approved
The process continues... One thing I found funny.. They still have the front belt tensioner in the kit... I'm sure it provides some structure the everything.. Was a bit disappointed that that piece was plastic though, disguised like the other metal parts...

[Image: IMG_20160803_020028_zpspntajbnt.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20160803_020150_zpsuo1nomht.jpg]
Got the rear end put together a bit more tonight... I had picked up the slide steering kit since this still comes with the regular style.. Almost had it all put on when my 2mm driver went to poop...

*note to whomever* buy quality the first time.. (Or make sure the cheaper stuff breaks within your return window).. ;)

Back at it tomorrow ..... Thanks for watching... :)

[Image: IMG_20160804_014127_zpsiaogmrvz.jpg]
Front suspension one step closer...  Gonna have to mess with settings as stock setup per the directions has some crazy negative camber going on... I'm still scratching my head as to how this is supposed to steer with that hot mess going on up there... Angles and lines are not smooth at all... Between the interwebs and me talking to myself on here hopefully some smoothness will prevail... ;)

And again.., thanks for lurking.... (Creepaaas)....    :)

[Image: IMG_20160805_023743_zpsmvd3lyfo.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20160805_023919_zpsacfobcyt.jpg]
Things keep pushing along when free time allows... Servo mounted and battery tray added... (Disappointed that for this price the battery tray is still plastic) Played around with some adjustments to see what would happen... Going to wait until all is together to mess around with that again...
Shocks are coming up here soon... That's gonna be interesting... ;)

[Image: IMG_20160807_193104_zpsai1qi4g2.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20160807_193225_zpsuvbqgayv.jpg]
Thanks for sharing! :)

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