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is that a ball diff in the rear... why?
Yup... I had to go back and tighten that thing down as it would just spin and not actually move the wheels unless I went real slow... they spin fine now but I still need pratice and some trial and error to figure this whole drift thing out...

I have some larger pinions arriving soon that I'm going to change over to to see if that helps as I read you want it geared more toward top end speed and not torque...
i would get rid of those ball diffs, it will just give you inconsistency in drifting specially when they age. go for a solid axle at the rear, a solid spool, this allows you to go sideways bette

once you have the chassis dialed down, you can concentrate on gearing... it is a matter of preference which is tuned to the tracks you play on. different surfaces require different setups. you may want torque for tracks with less grip, using high speed gears on slippery tracks will just cause the wheels to spin... a waste of energy and battery.
What are we talking about in regards to making the rear axle solid?

I understand what you're saying about more torque on low grip to get things spinning... but I'm picking up that you want just enough spin but not too much.. finding that middle ground..
Awesome build and car. Quick question, if I wanted to upgrade the D4 rear suspension to the AuperD suspension, what exactly would I need? or if it is even possible lol. Having a hard time finding what I am looking for :)
ball diff works good i have been using one for ages now and hasnt lost its setting i run mine all the way tight which still isnt locked but its firm so more like a lsd diff in a way for a real car

nice build
Where would you get spares for these?
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