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Back from a bit of a hiatus
After shelving my Sprint 2 project (I have a thread here for it) due to tighter budget, I’m back. The S2 is still collecting a bit of dust, but a buddy of mine gave me his MST FXXD and Sakura D3! They’re both pretty much stock and needed some electronics tinkering before I could start running em. They came with electronics and everything I needed but had been partially disassembled. Currently have stock Sprint 2 motor and ESC in the Sakura and a Novak Drift Spec in the MST. Probably gonna switch the 2 motors as the Novak seems to be a bit of a waste on the RWD car (plus the gyro on it was fried).

I gotta say I’m loving the Sakura though and it’ll likely become my main basher, even after I get the kinks worked out on the FrankenSprint. Any suggestions for upgrades on the D3? Wondering if I should gear it more towards top end, since it’s so light and I’m running on a low traction surface. 

All my cars are running 2s Lipos now.
Hey man. I know you're been out of the game a little while but the Sakura D3 has been superseded by the D4 which comes in AWD and RWD.

Assuming you're running the D3 in AWD, I wouldn't worry too much about upgrading it. I'd be more interested in running and tuning. Have your fun which it as a basher as you say.

As an advocate for the FXX, I would say invest more time (and maybe money) in that chassis as it's more future-proof. The next one up is the FMX but that changes from front-motor to mid-motor if you're into that.
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D3 still works fine :) if high CS is what you're after.

Main beef with D3 is shock towers are Flexi, I gotta change to CF.
Kit plastic pulleys will chew out, replace with alloy for long term.
Rear belt tensioner is handy, more so when changing pulley sizes.

Big angle unis & steering rack hopup is needed to get enough angle to catch the high CS IMHO. (Or just my lack of skillz)
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