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Best budget Rc drift car
Hello everyone, 
I'm new to the rc drifting forum and the rc drifting world. I've bought the hpi nissan s13 and it was a bad decision! I decided with "littlemonsta" to buy the (RMX 2.0 S). Now I need help on what electronics would work and the cheapest/best place to buy the mst rmx 2.0 S. Keep in mind my budget is $300 CAD.
Firstly can you say what you didn't like about the hpi ? It's an awd. You posted for Cs chassis, so I'm not sure what you are looking at.

Basically rmx-s is a good rwd chassis kit. It's not a budget chassis. MST is expensive in terms of hop ups. Out of the box the handling of the chassis is really impressive.

If you are looking for a cheaper road, then yes sakura is a better bet. Fully hopped up will be cheaper then other brands. Still the initial investment is higher then an rmx s out of the box to get it on par with rmx. Ie. Knuckles, steering set, bearings, motor mount position or battery mount

I suggest you reuse electronics from your hpi first. For rwd you need a gyro. That will cost anywhere from USD 20to USD 50.

Slowly upgrade your electronics if you are on a budget

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The hpi has horrible steering. I guess you're right because the rmx 2.0 S is expensive. Off its around $237.00 alone without any electronics. Then if the sakuras good, which one should I get?
Looking at some YouTube videos of the car, the car handles like a normal awd. What are expecting from an awd ?
Or should I say what are you trying to achieve? Realistic drifts ? Horrible steering meaning ? Slow ? Low turning angle ? Inaccurate ?

My opinion, you got a rtr. It's a basic package. It should drive like a basic car. The rtr lacks proper electronics ie. Controller and a good servo.
I think you will have the same problems in a d3 and the d4 has it own steering problems too
An awd will have less steering angle. You don't need high steering angles.

There are many options in getting better steering.

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Hi there,
I guess you're right about the steering angles. I was looking on ebay and I found a different mst drift car. The (FXX-D S II) is what I found.
Tell me what you think of it and i'll buy it.
To be honest, I don't know much about the fxx-d. I know it's front motor configuration. In rwd you want the weight to be at the back of the car. You should get more control in a short track setup. Drifts will be easier. However longer drifts are harder to pull off.
What's your budget to get this working ?
Let me count the d4 for you. Chassis is about USD 120. Reuse old electronics from hpi. You need a gyro. That will bump it by usd25. You need a front knuckle. Kpi one will be about USD 15. If you have more budget on knuckle get a yeah racing one. But you need to order bearings for it. You can reuse the sakura inner bearing but you have to replace the outer bearing. Im gonna say this cost about USD 10 for a pair. That should be on a high side.The one from yeah racing is crap.
At this stage the car should be able to drive the car without the knuckles binding. The rims will hit the lower arms but that can be easily solved with a wider offset. You still should have about 75degrees in angle to play with
One set of offset 7mm wheel hex adapters and a set of 7mm offset rims should solve most of that is an additional 15usd.
Hope that helps you with minimum cost to get the d4 in a good shape.

Electronics, I just need to say it's usually crap from rtrs. If you are on a tight budget. Reuse what you have. And slowly upgrade.

Upgrades should be in this order in my opinion.
1 controller
2 servo
3 steering system. Normal v2 will have less problems then slide rack
4 lower arms. Less binding with the rims and the arms. The thinner arm the better. It needs to be modified. Budget way is cut original arm, insert spacers and a rod end.
5. Spring and shock oils and weights.
This is the key to rwd handling. Unfortunately this is more of a trial and error thing. Each car is setup differently, hence cannot recommend sets for you.
6 gearing. Final FDR etx

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Sakura D4 is kinda need out of the box upgrade but after you do the essentials it's a solid car.
MST FXX-D from what I've heard it's ready out of the box but without adjustability.
The other choice is Yokomo YD2. This one is also ready out of the box.

Personally I'd go for YD2, at least I plan to get it as my first RWD.

What transmitter did you get with HPI S13? I have a TF-40 and it's pretty decent with all essential adjustments such as EPA, trim, reverse channel, dual rate. If you have this one just keep using it until you can upgrade to some hi-end transmitter. This will save a bit of money as well.
A good entry level transmitter with the functions I mentioned would cost about 40-50 USD but they are full digital. And you probably don't need one if you don't do expo, channel mixing or model memory.
Hi there,
My budget is $300 CAD.
Since you already got a car, you can move electronics to the new car so you can save money on those.
All 3 cars plus shipping are within your budget. You can choose the one you like.
Sakura D4
Yokomo YD2
Hi everyone,
I decided I will increase my budget to $400 cad. Im planning on buying Ive heard that this mst is really good.

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