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Best budget Rc drift car
I think you need to decide what style you want to play. Awd or rwd? Then decide on chassis.

You complained about steering angle. No Awd has high steering angle without mods. The only one I know is yokomo yd4-mr. And this is a cs chassis.

If you have track near you. I suggest going there first and trying some chassis. Take your old chassis there and ask what's wrong with it. Ask someone or drift track owner to drive it.

If you are just looking for an rtr don't expect magic from it. It will be sub par, expect it to be sub par. If can't drift your old car you won't be able to do it in the new.

There is a saying that the carpenter never blame his tools.

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I second that.
First thing first, know your tools. As for me I won't think anything is really out of reach if I don't hack it to bitter end first.

I don't know your modding skill but you can start doing the basics like, if it doesn't have enough angle, try extending steering arm.
If wheels shatter while turning, try replacing dogbone with CVD.
Looking for front one way differential, that's the key of 4WD to push the car in to corner faster and once you have it the car will initiate drift much easier.

Not entirely relevant but I have HPI 15T brushed motor setup on my RWD drift buggy and it's plenty fast enough for me. The motor costs me only 15 Euros.
You don't need much power to drift, just enough to keep the wheel spinning and breaking traction.
Honestly I think strong ESC is the key factor. The one that give you constant power and instant and precise response is the best.

Again, if you're looking for budget car but already have one, try dedicated drift chassis as we mentioned in this thread and move your old electronics there.
You'll learn more by building the car yourself unless you really don't have time to.
If you really have your heart set on RTR then MST is the best choice out there. It offers good starter platform with great upgrade potential.
Just Get a Tamiya TT02 and add bearings and suspension, get 9mm 12 hexes for offset, Use drift tires and rubber, Its AWD and can be used for touring and drifting, balance is great and very easy car to maintain and keep running, also very non sloppy steering out of the box. Throw some blue tac in the rear diff and boom! Great entry into the sport. Great chassis.Tons and tons of upgrade parts but usually after you have done bearings, dampers and a few key aluminum parts , thers not much need to upgrade anything else except for bragging rights...just remember Metal doesnt flex and requires lock tight on just about everything. Im in Canada too Pm with any questions. You dont need a gyro and you should be learning 50/50 before counter steer and before any of that is needed anyways, as stated above, dont blame your tools, blame your skill, any car will drift, some are better that the others but even the best car with the worst operator wont be any good.
Excellent THREAD right here... I Find myself in the same position as the other NOOB , however I've decided going against the latest MST RTR , as it stands it can only be the YOKOMO YD-2 or the MST - S 2.0 . THIS IS A GREAT THREAD FOR THOSE LOOKING TO PURCHASE IN MID 2017 .
(05-27-2017, 08:47 PM)Drift noob Wrote:  Hi everyone,
I decided I will increase my budget to $400 cad. Im planning on buying Ive heard that this mst is really good.

Did you end up purchasing the RTR ? I find myself in the same position as you were in , only i started by looking at a similar MST RTR , only to change my mind. My heart is now set on the YOKOMO or the MST you were discussing previously.

Do you regret not getting one of the other ones ?

If you did end up getting a kit , how did it compare to your HPI ?

Thanks . 

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