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Best style of shell?
If RC drifting is close to real life then the shell must affect performance...

Currently I have a BMW e30 saloon but it's very boxy and I was wondering if this would affect performance? Mainly due to aero dynamics e.t.c

Which style is best, coupe (s14 e.g.)mor 4 door (Toyota mark x e.g.)?

It's interesting if it makes a difference and should a wing be used?
I would imagine the weight of a shell, or possibly height may make a slight difference.
Power to weight ratio is crazy on rc cars so I imagine it won't effect much aerodynamically

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Unless you are going for a top speed record or something like that, I wouldn't be worried about body weight or aerodynamics
As was said above, it's more the weight bias that makes a difference!

But running with and without a wing could show similar results to a 1:1 setup in that on an rc car the weight of the wing would give more rear traction as opposed to not running it.

The cars are never really going fast enough for aerodynamics to make any difference....unless you are running an on road rc car at speed :D

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