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Beware of Mx Hobby
(01-30-2013, 07:01 AM)pickled Wrote:  I've never had that happen to me always goes into my paypal account

It actually happens to me that way if your paypal is linked to your bank account.
Mine use to be like that and I use to get refunded on my paypal.
Now I do not have any bank account linked to paypal but a debit card. the funds are refunded directly onto my card. Paypal is just the fund transitioner.
yeah I think that's why I have my bank account linked to it and when ever I've opened a dispute for a refund the company has refunded not paypal
I've had a lot of both. Even had my credit card company give paypal the old finger for a refund at one point. I hate buying online but with paypal and some credit cards I never worry
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