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Thought I would share the progress on my current project. It's the first body I've really taken my time with and gotten nerdy with the details.

It all started when a friend asked me to try out the HPI M3 body on my chassis. I really liked the balance of it, and soon after I had placed an order for one. I decided I wanted this one to be a bit more special than my previous bodies, where basic two tone and racing stripes were the highlights of my efforts.

Greatful for any feedback and thoughts  =)

Enter the color madness! Tamiya Cherry Red! (I found this masking tape to be utter garbage btw)
[Image: 20160202_175358_zpsiikja7k9.jpg]

[Image: 20160202_200936_zpsask1s8xa.jpg]

[Image: 20160202_215928_zpsseozj6hd.jpg]

Throw on a little Tamiya White Pearl, backed with "normal" white
[Image: 20160209_182933_zpstnpndgwf.jpg]

[Image: 20160209_182944_zpsfetwtod3.jpg]

Finished off with Silver backed with White, and then added the black tears last. (Because I like to do colors in backwards order for some reason)
[Image: 20160216_193808_zpsvayf3lp9.jpg]

Added some stickers and tinted the headlights yellow, and even found some rims in my bag that fit the color scheme perfectly!
[Image: 20160221_214132_zps02e7emfi.jpg]

Currently working on the light buckets and fancy shoe lace angel eyes  B)
[Image: IMG_20160221_221108_zpsxusboymq.jpg]

More to come  =)
Tamiya TA05-VDF II
Doing some more work on the body today. Added rollcage, tow hook and continued on the headlights.
[Image: 20160224_190740_zps8hnknpoa.jpg]

[Image: 20160224_190045_zpsiw6opt0g.jpg]

Oh, and please excuse my terrible prep work on the front lip  Angel
Tamiya TA05-VDF II
Got some new 12mm Super Rims from Team tesujin to really fill those wheel arches. Don't know if I will do anything more to it before my first drift competition ever next weekend. Maybe paint the centers of the rims to match the pink on the body. Probably do better in the body competition than the drift comp though :p

[Image: IMG_20160301_234433_zpsthbjg567.jpg]
Tamiya TA05-VDF II
Damn that looks tough!
Pink! Nice.. keep going
Thanks :) Was fun to do something different with the color choice for once. I figured if I used pink, it would stand out :p

I'll take a proper camera with me, and grab some better shots this weekend when I put it to the test at Drammen RC Club.
Tamiya TA05-VDF II
Took the first test run last night, practicing for the competition this weekend. Seems I need to modify the ebay "quality" LED lights, as they turn off with lighter impacts like touching the curbs. It looks pretty nice even with the lights off though. Super happy with the result.

All that's left really is getting the body to sit slightly lower, and maybe add some more body lines in the rear.

One of my team mates snapped quite a few pictures with a proper camera, so I will add those once he sends them over :)

[Image: FB_IMG_1457521704829_zpsad3oevy5.jpg]
Tamiya TA05-VDF II
i love the way it looks and looks like you slide it hard

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