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Bodge Job RX-7
Bought this HPI E10 along time ago and has been gathering dust in my garage for some time, Have some time off so i started working on the shell for fun!

Note: i did not buy anything for this shell just crap i found lying around in the garage!

What it looked like when i purchased it.
[Image: otep34.jpg]

Removed all decals. Thicker than usual 190 shell so had to dremel out windows then sand and mask for painting.
[Image: 2q3zmv7.jpg]

Found some plasterboard tape and all purpose white touch up paint followed up by a clear coat of spray varnish.
ROUGH looking but iiiii like it ;)
[Image: 2nksw0p.jpg]

Another angle
[Image: 2mhvl8i.jpg]

Had some old metal stylus pens i got off ebay 10 for £1, make great exhaust tips (although covered in tape in this pic)
[Image: 29or8lh.jpg]

Rims painted with black hammerite :D along with red cals. Have used the rc since painting so bit scuffed!
[Image: r2qfy1.jpg]

Crafted some simple backlights from some clear rubber stoppers glued onto some red paper.
[Image: 200e8he.jpg]
[Image: k3qjhv.jpg]
The black marks on the back are where the number plate i made fits.

Wing and plate back on.
[Image: 23jhf7q.jpg]

Added a pit of plastic tray to the back window rim from inside a greg's pastie box :)
[Image: 2mpbeow.jpg]

3/4 windows in. Made from clear laminate and laminating machine. Added white border for style :S
[Image: 280s9vr.jpg]

Little test run with incomplete shell this morning.
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Will post more pic's as it the work continues. Enjoy
Looks good..
The underdog drifter....
[Image: 117.gif]
Updated with a few more pic's. Waiting on clear coat to dry before i continue!
Added a little video and some more progress pics.
Great recovery. Reborn from to dust to drifting again.
RC Drifting Yokosuka FB
[Image: 9020124853_46e995567c.jpg]

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