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Bodyshell aerodynamics
While driving my weight shifted Sakura D4 with a HPI Dai Yoshihara S13 body, I have noticed that the car seams to drive better with out the bodyshell(spins out less, hold angle better and is more controlable in general) and I was wandering whether the bodyshell has that much of an effect, and if so how could it be counteracted. A while back I saw a video of a few pro rc drift cars withe the windows cut and the subtitles were suggesting and aerodynamic effect of the half way cut windows.
Thanks in advance

The bodyshell does indeed provide a noticeable effect on how your car drives, though I couldn't tell you how much. For example, in the TCS (Tamiya Championship Series), you are not allowed to run the Tamiya VERMAC 350R GT or any Honda NSX model years 2007 and older body shells.

Have you tried to drive the car with a different wing or no wing on it? Have you swapped bodies with something obviously less aerodynamic, such as a minivan or truck, and noticed a change in handling?

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I can tell you that Aerodynamics have a big impact on your performance..

When i started drifting i picked a GT86 (my favorite) - When we look on the car you can notice that there isn't a lot of drag made by the shallow body - it's been made for less drag and that makes the body a bit snappy and fast changing direction. [Image: Picture8843.jpg]

I then switched to a Nizzan 350 Nismo body - a bit better but still snappy. [Image: 8042370524_800db5844b.jpg]

The big difference came when i bought a HPI JZX100 - It's a big sedan, it has much more surface area and that made the car slow down and make the car a bit "heavy" to get to change direction but steady in a sweeper. [Image: hpi-30727-4.jpg]

If people are saying to you that downforce is not noticeable in rc drift, then they are dead wrong. I can drift through a sweeper at our track and feel the downforce, if i take it off the car has less grip at the rear.

Just remember that at medium/high speed (sweepers or long straights where you flick the car) there will be downforce and if you are driving slow in tight corners or a small track, there is less downforce.

The spoiler i'm using on most of my cars is this from HPI Gt Wing Set type E - a high but durable wing with good downforce and adjustability with the plastic risers to get more angle on the spoiler: [Image: 30093.jpg]
Part number: 30093
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I've found there is a lot of difference between bodies. My favorite at the moment is the HPI e92 BMW M3 GT2, without the wing. It feels very similar to driving without a shell on, but at the same time it feels very stable at high angle and high speed.

Previously I used the Yokhomo wide body supra. That body slows the reaction and rotation speed a bit, and works well for more open tracks with high angle. Really makes you work for it on tight twisty tracks though.
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Take into consideration the weight of the shell, too.
While driving the car today I took of the rocket bunny style wing/duck tail, the car seamed have less grip in high speed corners but all of the other aspects of the performance aren't noticeable or they don't have an effect at all. The thing that i have not take into consideration is the weight as the front of the shell is covered in about three layers of duck tape I will remove it and replace it only in areas that are necessary 
Thank you all for the contribution,

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