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brushed motor breakin?
is there only one way to break in a brushed motor? the reason i am asking is b/c the only way i can find on youtube to do this is with the water method.
if ya can slide it you can drift it!!
thanks dorvack. couple of questions though 1) what is serating the brushes?
                                                            2) what is good store brand oil to use on these motors?
I been using 3 in one professional silicone lub under recommendation from my local napa store
if ya can slide it you can drift it!!
3in1 oil is good. Most people use bearing oil though. Almost all rc manufacturers make it and call it something different.

I would run the motor at low revs for 15-20mins. Spray it with motor cleaner (rc motor cleaner) then reoil the bearing
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water break-in is only for 540 johnson/mabuchi... they got really hard brushes!

for other motors, we usually run them on 2 cells for 30mins (get 2 D niMH, run 1 charge)

used to be able to buy little gizmos that will serrate your brushes
then the factories started selling serrated brushes
and nobody bought the gizmos anymore
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wow thanks for the great info. since i bought 1 mabuchi motor i will be breaking it in using the wet method and the other motor i purchased will be done with the the dry method.  
As for motor cleaner i been using a cleaner by paslode. my boss uses it on all his cordless drills and impacts(dewalt) and he was telling me it has worked great and has saved him good money on repairs and replacements so he gave me a can to try and it has been working good for me. cleaned my motor 4 times with it so far and can see the improvement everytime i run it afterwards. thanks again guys now i can be ready for my new motors when they arrive next week.  
thanks again for the recommendations.
if ya can slide it you can drift it!!

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