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Budget drift car
Whats up guys? 
Let me start off by saying who I am. I just got into the RC hobby less than a year ago. I have a brushless monster truck right now. Thats it. I have been going to the local track and watching all the racing on and off road. I have never raced myself. I have been looking at getting a new on road car, drift type of course. I have been to Japan 4 times and I have fallen in love with the JDM style cars. But being so new to RC I have lots of questions. 
Question 1: I have been looking into a few drift cars and I want your help picking one. I have been looking at the 4WD Exceed MaxSpeed GTR. Brushless and ready to run. It is shaft driven and under $200, not bad. The other is HobbyKing 4WD Mission D. This one is belt driven and I feel would be better as a drifter. The Mission D is not brushless or ready to run. But for less than $100 for an ARR is a steel. I priced it all out and I can get the Mission D for around $175 and thats with a nice radio that I can program 10 cars to. If I like drifting then HobbyKing sells the brushless kit for $65. The Mission D is a clone of the yokomo drb so I can get pretty good parts that way.
 If I have it right brushed might be better to start off with only because its slower and I can control it better. 
I know that neither one is not the best RC out there but I'm on a tight budget. I have six kids and trying to give them everything doesn't leave me with much to spend on a RC. I looked for a used one but I can not find one anywhere. I am leaning towards the HobbyKing only because I can get more for my dollar. For a basher I think it would do. I just want to know what you guys think of the cars and make sure I am making the right purchase. I have tons of questions but I think that I will start with this one first. As the thread goes on I am sure I will ask more.
Thanks guys and I hope to be posting more.  
Welcome to DM!

Lol, I already gave you my two cents. I've been reading more into that Mission D car and I gotta say not bad, not bad at all. Don't worry about running a brushed setup either. When you get your chassis, look over it and inspect it. Lots to look into.
Any idea what the drift scene is in your area? Be great to check out any get togethers and meets. More often than not everyone is pretty cool. They might give you some pointers or even let you look at and drive their cars.

Just remember this. This happens with any aspect of RC cars, but you will come across the snooty people. They only run high end stuff, everything else is below them. But that's them, and there's a good chance they've been going at this for years. You do you. As a dad family will always come first so just learn with what you got because its a very damn good chassis design being a DRB clone.
Don't be a douche and help the next guy.

Yes I think you hit it on the nose. Thanks for your 10cents.
As far as the drift scene goes in where I live, well they don't have one. Only on road touring car racing. I have just watched them many times and love the style of the cars but you need a pretty smooth road to drive them. I have found drift cars to handle a little bumpier road just fine. So I don't always have to go to the track to drift.
Whats up with everyone hating on bullet style battery plugs? Are they that bad? I mean I have been using one and I haven't seen a problem with it.
Have you used any of the Tamiya bodies? I was looking at the GTR R35 for the Mission D, the one that comes with it is garbage. I mean come on spell it right or don't even try. I know copy rights and all.
What cars do you run? Do you get into the whole scale stuff. Like seats, exhausts, smoke, or engine bays?
Tamiya bodies are great and very high quality I love them. Im at work, Ill write a longer reply when I get home.
Don't be a douche and help the next guy.

Bullet plugs do the trick and work, but arent the most efficient. In a high amperage draw situation they can actually melt from getting too hot!

I always have the intent to do all my bodies scale but by the time I'm at that part of a kit build I'm too impatient to take my time on it or I just ream new holes into and old body lol.

I was really into the scene 4 years ago, and to be honest I really haven't been doing much the past year and a half or so. As I type this I have a brand new Sakura D4 RWD unassembled with a lot of Usukani goodies still in their baggies just sitting here. My last car I had running was a MST XXX-D VIP HT. My very 1st car was a HPI Cup Racer Levin. The car that taught me how to drift was a Tamiya TA03F DS. I also had a Tamiya VDF Gold. My buddy also has a fleet of different cars that I pretty much can drive whenever I want.

My VDF was really my 1st drifter and I was over my head. I kept throwing aftermarket parts at it hoping it would make it easier to drift but it didn't. I would show up to nightly drift meets and embarrass myself getting out driven by guys with HPI E10's. When I had my TA03F running that was the car that taught me how to drift. It taught me how to control my steering and throttle inputs. I was then able to drive higher CS cars and then ulitmately RWD cars.
Im no RC drifting jedi master, I just love this hobby. Nowadays its hard for me to make time to go about and do things but I'm not going to quit this just yet. Matter of fact I was on the Banzai website and that Overdose Galm with $400 of free stuff sure is looking good. But that Sakura is just sitting there...
Don't be a douche and help the next guy.

Ok I guess I understand the battery thing now.

I hear you on just getting a body on as fast as you can. For me I have one RC right now and I used the stock body for about 2months while I painted my first body. I was just taking my sweet time. Having six kids I could only work on it at night or when they allow me to. With off road RCs I don't wanna take to much time on them. They get beat up pretty fast.

I dont wanna sound like a total newbie but I don't know all the car names and stuff. I had to look most of the ones you said in your post up. I have been seeing a HPI Flux at my local track and they seem nice. Its not a drifter but I have seen a few online that are. Must be better as a touring car. That Sakura you speak of sounds like it would be a fun build. If I had the knowledge to build something like that I would surely do so. I can do small suspension stuff and tune it but thats all I can do. I have taken my truck about a few time just to see how it works and put it back together. If I could get a kit that had everything in the box motor, ESC, body, chassis all of it I would do it. But it seems like the kits cost more than RTR. You would think it would be cheaper. I have seen only videos of RWD and they seem to be hard to drift. Maybe get a gyro? I kind of feel it cheating but what the heck right. Hope you get it built soon, or hey sell it. Im sure someone would want it.
I found the Overdose Galm on Bansai, does it come with all electronics? For that price I would think it might but I just didn't see. Looks like a very nice car. A little out of my price range but if I had the money I might. Ill stick to the HobbyKing Mission D for right now.

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