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c0bra's d4 rwd build
Well it's not much of a build yet since I won't be ordering the car for a few weeks, but I wanted to get some opinions on the build I'm planning for the d4.

This will be my first rwd drift car and hopefully the first drift car that I'll keep as a drift car for more than a month.

Anyways I was looking into the mst fxx-d ifs and the 3racing Sakura d4 rwd. After some research on here and online I've decided to go with the d4 obviously. Mostly because upgrades are cheaper and overall everything looks like it will be much easier to get here in the States vs the mst.

The build I'm planning on is to get the d4 rwd kit, aluminum ifs conversion (just because I get mesmerized by cantilever), active camber conversion, curved slide rack, and aluminum stock shocks. Electronics that I know of so far will be an airtronics 2 channel receiver (don't care about leds right now) and a savox low profile servo and some sensored brushless system.

It will get run on asphalt mostly, possibly on smooth concrete and occasional carpet as well.

Any suggestions on other parts to get?

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Im not sure if this has been already fixed on the Black version, but what you will probably need anyway is different front KPI knuckles. On my D4 the stock ones created really mental geometry in full lock. Look around on youtube or some block, you will 100% find it.

I would also consider some thinner front lower arms, since the stock ones are stopping the weels from rotating.

I don't know about IFS, but I think active camber is not necessary at the beginning.

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