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C2 Corvette '67
[Image: acf8b5b9-9c2c-4e2f-9e53-43e50c8b4fe3_zps0d14fd60.jpg]

[Image: b1b93e82-198b-4a7f-b071-bdbfffbaa749_zps0404c2bb.jpg]

[Image: af93c807-c7ab-4733-b847-68dc4679e975_zpsaf0dd170.jpg]

[Image: 492dcb58-da37-4db1-90a5-58ec69bd2386_zps94371c21.jpg]

[Image: 179ee5c5-b2d9-4c47-aef4-566928e58374_zps4e4c6b4a.jpg]

[Image: 8345995a-9aa4-45e0-b71c-b119a886c39e_zpse5df1ff9.jpg]

[Image: b75b3548-94e0-4f45-98b9-c802ae824d88_zpsd8f579a8.jpg]

Just another simple shell. The colour is mica red backed with orange to brighten it up a little. The window trim and rear bumperettes were painted with a silver paint pen (tamiya). And hopefully I will have done something about chopping my body posts by the next shell I put up.
Nice! I love classic american muscle!

I'd love to do one of these shells up like dennis hoppers car from king of the mountain!
muscle... nice
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I have never liked that body, until now! Great work!
[Image: Knytemare_Sig.png]
Nice shell

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