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Calling all truck bodies!?!?!?
[Image: 79a971d10771be13cce1558ef85631d7.jpg][Image: 9042a6ebbbfcf750833d620294b2d104.jpg]

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[Image: IMG_1050_zpsdr1rvcok.jpg]

havent gotten any good pics with new wheels yet and this is still a wip
My work in progress... Parma C10 Stepside. I'm going for the Roadkill Muscle Truck theme... Gotta get the grey pained on!

[Image: 45f1a340f2f5c90b79eb42c1182fb3bd.jpg][Image: 02b18520caed5d352931aab32723f8f7.jpg][Image: fd56875bf4c3c90952e3dba12e9191d4.jpg][Image: cddb6d3a2eb8d15f656e79bd3b664cd6.jpg][Image: 15e028ac9b7815b6f36a340a191ee78f.jpg]

I'll probably start a WIP thread..

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[Image: E7DCC421-973E-46D9-AC14-1A10A8D75C7A_zpsypjiitq8.jpg]

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