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Candy's CSed TT-01

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Candy's CSed TT-01
3racing also makes nice grt shock towers. my Eagle grt tower broke and i replaced it with one from 3racing and havent had anymore problems.
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Eagle  R31 RWD
good point rudeboy, 3racing towers are great also. If you plan to upgrade the front suspension setup. Get the r31 suspension conversion from broadtech. There's so much more steering lock without cvd chatter compared to stock. I just installed mine which was left over parts from my eagle tt02 and has better lock compared to the prior setup with grinded axles for more steering.
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Who doesnt love snow foam pictures? LOL
[Image: DSC_1924_zpsbc840719.jpg]
CSed tt-01
[Image: Untitled4_zps584e280c.png]
update here!

Got myself the yeah racing dampers and what a difference they made. i had some goes as time is not much these days and i think it can improve more.

3 racing towers are on the way too along with a new active hobby 2.0 cs gear, a rear diffuser and trf aluminium spring retainers for the dampers

Other news i finally managed to mesh my pinion and spur correctly and cant believe how much quiter it is.
will post some pictures later on!
CSed tt-01
[Image: Untitled4_zps584e280c.png]
[Image: DSCN4399_zpsc3cd5fb5.jpg][Image: DSCN4425_zps791b44e1.jpg][Image: DSCN4427_zps7f988091.jpg]

The gold stull will have to go. That paint looked good when fresh but doesnt hold up good eventually and it fades.
And one for fun with my 1:1
[Image: DSCN4430_zps07411fb6.jpg]
CSed tt-01
[Image: Untitled4_zps584e280c.png]
Very Nice TT-01! Looks like some serious drift material here
[Image: RCDC_sig.png]
Updating here.

New shock towers are here and have the feeling its got smoother action in the travel of the damper.

CS gears and other stuff from banzai is still not here and im getting pissed. One things for sure i m never buying again after this delay and the change in their website which made it awful and barely usable.

Had a go at modifying the front upper arms to gain some caster and its a very noticeable difference.
[Image: DSC_2048_zpscd13d1cf.jpg]

Speed Power diffuser. Had this reflector customized to fill the gap but im not set yet. Might remove it and just deal with the gap left from the bumper down.
[Image: DSC_2047_zpsff514b06.jpg]

Last week i was itching to start something hard as i always wanted to have removable bumpers and drift in a hoon way bumperless! LOL

So i decided to have a go after thinking out how to make it removable with magnets.

[Image: DSC_2053_zps7e9f4174.jpg]

I was determined to take it further so i started building the inside with slam panel ratiator oil cooler and bash bar.
This is what i ended up with
[Image: DSC_2056_zps0e1cb63c.jpg]

Had the filter to look more like an hks mushroom which makes it more obvious of what it is, installed lines for the oil cooler and also attempted to make a fan for the radiator which didnt turn up so well.
You   can see them here
[Image: DSC_2076_zpsd33c947d.jpg]

i m planning on replacing the radiator and oil cooler with a much better version i made it here at the office by printing real 3d images and laminating them making them durable. I also have a cooling fan but maybe i wont mount that. We ll see how it all fits on Saturday.

Last i may be doing the same with the rear bumper but have to get the front up to a good standard first.

It took me about 8 hours of work to get to this current point in the front.

Is that the sort of time you pepole who make inners spend or was it my inexperience as its the first time im doing this.
CSed tt-01
[Image: Untitled4_zps584e280c.png]
Hey man, your TT01 is coming along nicely... check out my TT01 in the chassis picture gallery... TT01 Type E BOK SPEC.
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Tamiya TT01-E BOK SPEC CS1.76
Ive seen yours man! Its one of the most clean TTs i ve seen!!!

Just ordered front and rear lower alloy arms and upper Active Hobby arms, a new servo, demi works side skirts, a new servo and some other alloy parts!

Going to take it apart for a good clean and reassemble with all the new parts when everythings here!
CSed tt-01
[Image: Untitled4_zps584e280c.png]
Nice, any reason why you still run the tamiya motor bullet connectors with the esc and motor? Getting rid of them makes the wiring look so much cleaner and less heat.

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