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Candy's CSed TT-01
nice chassis, gives me inspiration to work some more on my TT01 moneypit. How much steering angle can you get with the eagle shafts? I am using Active Hobby 55 deg. shafts in mine, but still get wheel chatter on the inside turning wheel.
Eagle shafts are 55degrees too and I m maxing them out. Very pleased with all the actve hobby hop ups. Currently waiting for arms to show up.

I do get some chatter on the inside but only when on full lock and full throtle at the same time.

The motor is Tamiya gt tuned and got it because the original silver can gave in a while ago and got it at a good price. Weirdly enough it doesnt run hot and its got plenty of torque
CSed tt-01
[Image: Untitled4_zps584e280c.png]
hi candy, I am a TT01 owner too. ^_^

nice to see you working on her.. banzai really makes delay and even the worst is delivering wrong items....

i suggest since your still working on you TT01 i suggest you Broadtech by which all of you need on your kit is there... been purchasing items from Broadtech since 2009 and never had problems with them :)

hope to see some more pics and vids of your kit soon :)
Eagle Racing TT01 Mid-Ship Ver 2 CS 77%
Eagle Racing R31-RWD

are you running Lipo batteries? I was thinking getting a Hobbywing quicrun ESC so I can cheaply get my TT01D running again with its stock Sport-Tuned motor, running with a Lipo. I can't stand the power drop-off of NiMH batteries.
My tt01

How do you put pics up?

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(07-10-2016, 12:10 AM)Azz85 Wrote:  My tt01

How do you put pics up?

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You can attach them to the post, or link them from a photo hosting service

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Tapatalk app is good

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