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Castor adjustments
I recently installed a Usukani front bulkhead for my sakura d4 which offers castor adjustments which I have no idea about.
Could somebody explain to me how the car will react to me adding more castor or subtracting it? my current set-up can be found in the end of the enclosed video. don't bother watching the full video the setup is for 2:00 min
Thanks in advance 
Hopefully this picture works and you can read it.

[Image: ibmaso.jpg]
While the following is from 1:1 drifting, I think it is a helpful explanation though you might not want to follow the recommended amount:

You want to run as much positive caster as you can get without hitting the fenders. This is typically around 7 degrees or so on most cars. Caster really helps a drift car by making it self-steer better. When you start to drift, you can simply let go of the wheel and let if feed through your fingers, and the car will counter faster than if you were steering it yourself. Caster also gives you more negative camber as the wheel turns, which helps front grip. More caster helps the car turn in better and also makes the car more stable.


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Thank you guys a lot for the replies but can you have to much caster in rc drift
Yes, you can have too much. 7-10 degrees seems to be the sweet spot for most.
So I have about of 10 degrees of caster and the car drives great 
Thanks a lot 

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