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Cc-01 rwd drifter
Hi all!!! I'm fairly new to this website...but not new to drifting; ive been drifting in and off since 2007! :)
Ive had my Cc01 drifter for about 3yrs now and have decided to completely restore it...its been in the closet for about 5 months bc i broke it...

Ive purchased about $150 in new parts back into this rebuild(didn't even cost that much brand new!); ive purchased rubber drifting tires(along with my old yokomo's) a pandora body(im not big into painting but im getting better), yeah racing tritronic esc, and e few other things that i can't remember...

Some of my original upgrades to this kit(and are going back on) are; steel diff, aftermarket 4link, aftermarket driveshaft, TRF aluminum threaded body shocks, Customworks spring assortment(10 different weights), aluminum servo mount, extra-long servo arm, adjustable camber links...custom steering rack, and custom front suspension mounts(it ain't pretty but it works perfectly)

I also ordered a battery tray bc you have to mount the battery centerline and down the back instead of sideways as in stock also lifts a lot of weight off the front as this thing is quite heavy in the front bc of the center mounted electronics and motor...

Now i'm just waiting on all the new goodies to arrive...!!!

Anyone else tried or have this as a drifting platform? Ive seen it done before...but underneath the thing looked like frankenstien...

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I just thought of the brand names for the driveshaft and 4link...its a junfac carbon steel driveshaft and gmade 4link

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[Image: 8f40df623e9bf139d1f384af4cab431a.jpg]

Not too happy with the quality of the lexan...yes it has a lot of detail... but i was at least expecting it to be better than an hpi mold(it's a Pandora btw)

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Here's my inspiration.... No one said it would be easy

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[Image: ecd2af56cc6bbe74dc333b3613ec4783.jpg]

Not a fan of gyros....but isn't there a cheap one that is compatible with the flysky gt3b

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That looks like a lot of work to do. Good luck on the project.

Not very sure about compatibility of gyro with the receiver. Why not head down to the track and ask them to test it for you? Don't see anyone in my track using flysky with a gyro. But I've seen standard controllers and radiolink with powerstar/ onisiki brand type gyro.

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Team Magic - E4D(4) RWD - Sakura D4 RWD
There is no track...only me in my area...everyone races 1/5 scale late models...


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Found it!

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Had to adjust the forward endpoint down to about 27% bc there's not much i can do gear wise(there are only 4 pinion options for this vehicle) i could underdrive the rear but not by much...

Also had to adjust the dual rate for the throttle...just enough to get her sliding...and a little extra donkey kick if i need it...a lot less whipping out more controllable.

Can't wait to see how she drives with a gyro...even though i don't think i need one...

Added as much camber as it would take to the front...had to put spacers in the wheels to widen the track width back out a little...i need to buy some more front wheels bc its still not wide enough...i need about 2 more mm and it should operate perfectly...

Also added side mirrors

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[Image: 1bb6a16e2fe1159250a4460a74c665d1.jpg]
[Image: d66ee73fb210180e385231113a10f862.jpg]

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