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Chargin 2s lipo battery
OHK guy have a 2 s lipo gen ace battery 2s1p 7.4v 50c baterry how many volts to charge it to ??? i charged it to 7.4 volt and had like 3 min play with it before the esc emergency feature soped it help!!!! I got a thunder ac6 dual power charger thanks real newbiee...
you can charge it safely to 8.4 volts in total or 4.2 volts per cell. this what i was told for my 5000 25c 2s lipo
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also charge it at 1C so if your battery is a 5000Mah then 1C would be 5Amps if you have a 4200Mah 1C would 4.2Amps etc. If you have a LiPo charger it should cut out at the correct voltage
Yeah battery is 5000mah . I DONT UNDERSTAND PICKLE...

Chargin goes from 0.1 to 5.0 what should I charge it at
1C of a 5000Mah LiPo is 5Amps
pickle the guy at the hobby store told me not to charge it at 5 amps he told me to charge it at 1.0 amp because i get like 30 min of play time... Is this normal the novak havok pro esc cuts of the battery at around 6.2 volt is this also normal. the novak esc has a Voltage cut off i have it set to lipo should i turn it off???thanks pickle It seem like i owe you a six pack of beer...cheers...
lol it'd cost to much in  freight. charge it at 1C unless it says otherwise on the battery. I'll  probably  get over ridden for saying this but as long as you don't go below 3.0V/cell leave the cut off where it is
pickled has it right. charge it at 5c, or 5amps. i would leave your cutoff at 6.2.... i have mine set to 6.6
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(02-03-2013, 08:16 PM)robb41488 Wrote:  pickled has it right. charge it at 5c, or 5amps. i would leave your cutoff at 6.2.... i have mine set to 6.6

Guess that should be 1C, not 5C. 5C would be 5*5000mA = 25000mA or 25A. Although some modern lipo's can handle charging up to 10C so even 5C might work if your lipo can handle it.
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Yeah!!! Pickle was right I charged it to 8.4 volts and at 5 amps for about 45 min and it lasted a good hour outside thanks guys....and set lipo cut off to 6.2 volts ^^

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