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Chassis layouts
I'm making thesis at mine University, about rc drift chassis. I'm collecting professional informations about them :D I can't find all chassis layouts, and these pros and cons. And many of sites got same names for different layouts. Can you help me :)?
When R/C cars are driving, the motor placement is important, to explain i'll use a scale from 0-100/0-100 for weight and handle performance:

A HPI Sprint 2 is rear biased, 35/65 since the motor is back it will rotate the rear first, high grip.
A Yokomo DP is center biased, 50/50 since the motor is center it creates neutral balance and equal grip.
A Yokomo DIB is front biased, 60/40 sice the motor is front it will rotate the front first, less grip.
A MST XXX-D is similar to a Yokomo DP.
A Sakura D4 is similar to the Sprint 2, MST RMX-D S/Pro
A Sakura D3 is front biased, 80/20 since the motor is in front of the axle it will rotate the front very fast, less grip.
MST XXX-D VIP - CS 2.0 - Main


MST RMX-S 2.0 - RWD - Secondary

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