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Couple questions regarding bodywork
1. How does everyone attach light buckets to the inside of their bodies?
I attempted to use drywall tape and shoe goo similar to the method of connecting two pieces of lexan but couldn't get it to bond strong enough to hold the wait and I've also made the mistake of having superglue eat through my paint in the past... Other options?
2. When using fine tipped sharpies to do body lines how do you keep the lines from just rubbing off?
Idk if I'm just missing something or what, but given that it's January and I more or less have to make a 45 minute drive to my dads office to paint, I'd like to not have to clear coat the outside of my body after doing the body lines.

Thanks in advance!

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1. I'm using double sided tape, but I heard some use low temp hot glue gun. Not sure if temperature won't mess up with the paint, but you can try it first on some other painted parts of lexan than your body & light buckets.
2. Try using permanent CD marker. You can find fine tipped enough to do body lines and they won't rub off so easily. If you make some mistake you can always clear them using a paper towel and a cologne/perfume.
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Thanks! Are you just putting the double sided tape around all the parts that can't be seen

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Depends on what kind of light buckers you have. For example most of Tamiya ones have dedicated places to put the tape on, but with lexan ones you can do this that way - put the tape where it won't be seen from outside.
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yes low temp hot glue works high temp might work but can cause paint to come off if after dried is some how nocke lose or even warp body parts aka lexan if to hot or use tape double side whatever suits ur need for me I found a resin that u mix and I tested on painted lexan part before placing didn't eat threw paint so that's always a option kinda trail and error whole deal well good luck if anything works take some selfies lol of the car :P
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use thin double sided sticky tape to attach the light bucket, then run a bead of clear RTV silicone around the edges to keep dirt and debris from getting in the buckets. clear silicone works much better than ShoeGoo for me.
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Thanks guys! I had some double sided tape lying around and it worked really well. I'm not home at the moment but I'll put some pictures up in my WIP thread tomorrow

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I am going to have to say use something other than Shoo Goo. I am new to the world of drift bodies and all the parts and bits that go into them. I used Shoo Goo and it goofed up my paint. Lesson learned...Hope I can help someone from making the same mistake.
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Yeah shoe goo will eat your paint. Use 100% silicone, it sticks well and you dont have to use a hot glue gun

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