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cs 1.82 for MST MS 01
does anyone know what are the number of teeth of the pulley sets for the mst ms 01 to make it a 1.82 cs? im trying to figure out if the 23t pinion gear I have along with the 88t spur gear is ok to use with a 13.5t brushless sensored motor. this was a used chassis I got from a member and he said it is 1.82 CS but I cant figure out the teeth combo. im not at home to count them and need to know before I go to the lhs. thanks
Look on the pulley to the front on the rod. If it has one dot it is 13t. If its 2 its 12 and 3 is 11. Thats if its platic. The venom ones I have no idea. The pulley on the spool is either 36t or 40t. If the front is bigger than the back its 40t. Hope this helps.
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lostonthetrails pretty much sums it up. Also, if the front belt is a 225 it should be set as 1.82. If it is a 228, it could be set at 1.67, 1.54 or 1:1.
[Image: eb7db9ea181aeb53046498d863f0d6d0.jpg]
thanks for the help guys!

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