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CS calculator
Ok I'm using the CS Calculator on iPhone and its asking for spur and pinion (which I understand) then it's asking for front and rear differential and transfer. That's the part I'm having trouble with. Not sure what its asking for as the transfer.

Spur: 68t
Pinion: 23t
Front and rear diff: 39t
All of my pulleys are 18t

Am I suppose to put my pullys as my transfer? Because if I do that puts me at .21 (-78.7%) cs. What exactly does that mean?
just use the CS calculator on the website
I completely forgot there was a site aside from the forum. Thanks for the reminder. I'll eventually yet the hang of this.
Standard drive train of the TA06 uses 39 and 18T pulleys. Since the rear gearbox is not changed you can just put in 18/39t for the rear into the three belt cs calculator. ;)
Technically, diff pulleys are called spurs, and pulleys on center shafts are pinions.  Except for three belt drive chassis, on which third belt gets complicated, because for R31 spur is in the back, and on TA06 it's in the front. For a lack of consistent and non-ambiguous term i  called center-to-diff pulleys "transfer", as for "transfer case" term used in 4x4 world.

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