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Hey guys, I recently made a post in the introductions section.  I haven't been in the RC world for quite some time now.  I had an older TA-06R that I decided to get up and running.  I was attempting to CS the TA-06R and I ordered some pulleys to give it a shot....lets just say things didn't work out lol.  I think I will just make the leap to RWD but I can't decide on what chassis to get.  I've boiled the options down to the MST RMX 2.0S vs the new Yokomo YD-2E.  I've seen that the original YD-2 had some issues with steering but they have apparently been corrected in the YD-2E kit.  As for the MST, everyone raves about it but I'm not sure if I'll have any parts support in my area.  Also, the high motor mount in the RMX is supposed to be better than the motor mount in the YD-2E....I'm not sure why?....still a noob! However, apparently I can get a high motor mount for the YD-2E?! As you can see this is all very confusing for a beginner!

Both kits are around the $200 range so price isn't a distinguishing factor.  Keep in mind, I'll probably just drift this around in the parking lot and that's about it.  Not trying to tandem with anyone, enter any competitions, or become a drift master! With that in mind, which chassis would you guys suggest for me and what would be the essential hop-ups you recommend? MST RMX 2.0S vs Yokomo YD-2E.  


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