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Custom Mustang RTR-X
Since it was launched, I have been really interested in the body HPI makes, but the only way to have it was to buy an HPI Sprint.
Now my local store finally stocked the clear body and I immediately bought it to start my first body project.

First try on  my Sakura D3

.jpg   IMG_1635.JPG (Size: 60.74 KB / Downloads: 28)

After cutting and mounting rear bumper and spoiler

.jpg   IMG_1746.JPG (Size: 63.85 KB / Downloads: 23)

Closer look at the hood

.jpg   IMG_1751.JPG (Size: 172.06 KB / Downloads: 23)

New wheels and stealth mounts

.jpg   IMG_2232.JPG (Size: 294.45 KB / Downloads: 25)

Finally painted

.jpg   IMG_2236.JPG (Size: 273.4 KB / Downloads: 30)
After decals...

.jpg   IMG_2239.JPG (Size: 58.38 KB / Downloads: 34)

.jpg   IMG_2240.JPG (Size: 59.99 KB / Downloads: 34)

.jpg   IMG_2242.JPG (Size: 60.52 KB / Downloads: 32)

.jpg   IMG_2243.JPG (Size: 69.71 KB / Downloads: 33)


Body.........................HPI Ford Mustang RTR-X 200mm

Stealth Mounts......... ... ic%20mount

Wheels..................... HPI Work Meister RTR-X 9mm offset (f and r)

Paint........................ Tamiya Gun Metal PS-23


I have bought some black wheel nuts and planning to buy spacers for the rear wheels so I can play with the stance.
Maybe add rearview mirrors too.

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