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D expert e36
So, I bagged one of these bad boys.

First time ever, I cut the wrong line and lost half the bumper.  

So I had to change direction with where I wanted to go.
[Image: BA7391D4-251E-4C2A-B3AA-BF34CCC4FB27_1.jpg]

[Image: 3FABE98C-D821-437B-A68E-B33E7C4DC62C.jpg][/url][Image: 0AC61D1F-762E-49DF-948E-89FC333A21FB_1.jpg]

[Image: F795FE58-F879-47FF-B144-8AFD3747BA30.jpg]
[url=][Image: 438E69B7-5E73-4D3C-A4E8-B43BE686948B.jpg][Image: 52E82D25-CF1B-4805-9B58-3A015262FD31.jpg][Image: 9B63F421-C6D6-4929-A45A-D1CC51B34490_1.jpg][Image: FFE92048-3305-459A-B06C-1D94D4B79107.jpg]
The start of the interior. [Image: 9EBEA25F-B1C1-4D38-8B3E-FE56F2B6088F.jpg][Image: 57B8E836-5664-49B4-938A-C3927B133760.jpg]
Looks good. The interior is taking shape nicely.

Ive seen this shell on instagram
This body is not D expert - this body AP plastics
Something different,but it works.
(10-27-2014, 10:44 AM)Alex Wrote:  This body is not D expert - this body AP plastics
[Image: 0000.jpg]
My bad. On the Ebay listing it said d expert!
These body makes AP PLASTICS and sells D expert
Blimey this hasn't been updated for a while!
Dash is taking a while. Not the easiest thing to build. The rear interior has moved along a smidge with rear inner arches but no pic of those.
[Image: EA4F5CD5-A80F-4CCD-9107-870F05225EBB.jpg]
[Image: 4471CE2D-3B63-4168-9EE8-AFA5C9BB5CD3.jpg]

Seat has been made, and colour matches to the cage. Also harness is coming along

[Image: 563A5DD7-611E-4CA3-B071-7CFCC1DC6A88.jpg]
[Image: 4CB57E88-B95E-4AE3-A239-22123DCAE155.jpg]

On Saturday had a bit of a running session in the dining room

[Image: 5FFA07A2-9308-4765-88DE-026436F4A2A9.jpg]
[Image: DD64EF3A-3E61-4724-9ADC-BFEAD9477AC3.jpg]

There is a few short clips on Instagram @craigsparx

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