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D like S14 Bomber
Latest project.

Bomb-squad 004

[Image: 9BDF99BC-4D49-456B-870E-510ED4349C1B.jpg]

[Image: 8FF91D4E-429D-4884-84F2-B20145AD82F7_1.jpg]

[Image: E96AC985-92B5-4D77-9921-5C99BEB80D96_1.jpg]

[Image: 752A69C1-33F5-418A-8B9F-197648E11B32.jpg]

[Image: FF498354-2008-4934-829E-CEC4F64F7FE9.jpg]

That's as far as I can show you

Teaser! I like this. -Outside paint, awesome!

Looking forward to the rest!

Enroute JXRWD 

Mad Machine IG / Mad Machine FB
Epic. Already loving what I see.
Team Ghost Drift
[Image: TGD+official+WHITE+side+decal+Osaka-Sans...+edit1.png]
MST FS-01D cs@2.0
Yokomo DRB cs@1.8
Eagle  R31 RWD
Cheers guys.

Here's a couple more ;)

Still a lot to do!

[Image: DA72CC09-E06C-47B5-81E4-E26C36BDA84B.jpg]

[Image: BC3AAEB8-F384-4A2E-B40F-BC3D46ED8BED.jpg]
Love the paintwork. Panels and rivets look great
Are the orange side markers painted or permanent marker?
Car looks really good btw!
[Image: aa.jpg]
It's painted from inside.

[Image: 4D6DAF14-986F-4AE6-BBF4-35D8F0EA3EE6.jpg]

[Image: FC3F67F0-A220-4EAA-BF80-D5C702D0974D.jpg]
Let there be light.

Had to make yokomo light buckets fit this shell.

Loving the battle damaged front.
Still have a few bits to do to finish it off
[Image: ED211F6A-BDF4-4081-817F-006DE796F75B.jpg]

[Image: F2406CA3-E89B-4830-8D36-E944C0880C6D.jpg]

[Image: 154CCE15-9BEF-4DBD-B68C-82B230B2FAB9.jpg]

[Image: 18AB7E05-F57F-46D5-936C-AC7CE01A42F5.jpg]
That's a nice shell

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[Image: 2C9E1C32-EBA6-4CCF-87B0-77F1CCCE02DA_1.jpg]

Finished the non damaged air intake

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