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D4 build questions
While assembling my kit I noticed I had to force the rear arms to get the front mounts to line up. It says use the RR+30 rear most mount. Is that normal?
I had same question when I was building mine :) yes its normal. Your wheels will have slight angle to the inside of chassis / \

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[Image: 71d40484c25223dee66979659730438b.jpg][Image: 7440d66a515cf6ba2ed67fd315307e16.jpg]

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thanks for the reply
i think my AWD kit came with 0.5 degrees pivot block, my RWD came pre-built with no spares. just check your parts bag there maybe one.

a +30 degree will give too much toe in which is good for straights but not going sideways, usually 0 to 0.5 degrees is used.
I'm pretty sure it's only 3 degrees and not 30. I'm not sure why they put that on the parts. I have a RWD kit and it came with a 30 and 10 option. Ideally you want close to 0, but 3Racing doesn't give you that option out of the box. Pop in the 10 until you get ahold of a 0 degree block or the adjustable block.
Should have came with a rr+10

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