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DIY Highway Barrels
was thinking of using play sand as weight and I've got tops cut out of plastic that I'll glue on once I've put the sand in.
these will look great with my construction pylons I made last year.
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maybe use water?
I thought about water, but then I'd want to find a way to make them explode like their movie counterpartsI imagine that it would also make carrying them around more difficult.
Fill them with beer.* You'll get really good at drifting real quick. ;) The beer you don't spill, you get to drink as a reward.

*If you're underage, ignore this.
HPI Sprint 2 Flux - full carbon fiber/aluminum upgrades 50/50
HPI Sprint 2 Flux - RWD project
HPI RS4 Sport 3  - carbon fiber/aluminum shelf queen
That's also a great idea, lol. It could make for a fun game of horse with the right people & beer.

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.jpg   uploadfromtaptalk1391318452939.jpg (Size: 56.69 KB / Downloads: 77) made some with tops
Very cool. What did you use for the tops?
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super bad ass! Cant wait to make some. Got a guy i work with hooked on drift RC and we are going to tandem practice at work :) industrial carpet FTW!!! lol. BTW. OP Where did you get that celica body. I need one to replicate my real celica :D
(01-25-2014, 09:53 AM)Tiger.T Wrote:  
(01-24-2014, 10:06 AM)Chinese_Food142 Wrote:  Very creative idea, I've got my yogurt, now it's time to go buy paint & tape so I can have a nice set of these. I was thinking maybe fishing weights in the bottom, since I don't have a large supply of surplus hardware available for filler?

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This is awesome! I'm glad the tutorial inspired you.
To weigh them I thought of putting old 1" steel nuts from work and pour plaster over it.
Also concrete might be an option. I have not done any test, but what got me worried was the heat generated from the filling, I was wondering if it could actually deform or melt the plastic. Concreter wouldn't do that though.
I guess we need to try XD

(12-19-2013, 02:50 PM)sloski Wrote:  My little twist on the HY barrels....
I wiped them down with laquer thinner, primed with patra then sprayed with Spaz Stix solid orange..
striped with white vinyl..........
and then a little advertisement................
Thank you for this DIY... its awesome......

Excellent job on your barrels though, I like them. Let me know how the spazstix paint holds up.

They held up fairly well...
One should scuff them first, but over all not bad
Only problem, they tip over too easy, even filled them with plaster...
Got tired of walking over to stand them up sooo in the trash they went... =o
i made a ton of these if we are drifting on carpet i put some cheap velcro on them if we are playing outside i just put some double sided tap on them again the cheap stuff so it peels off after we are done. also if you cut the bottoms out you can trim them to make the tops of the barrels. I also found that using plumbers thread tape works really well as striping tape, just put a little scotch tape on both ends and it will disappear

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