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DM Yokomo ER34 / URAS / RB26 / Tetsujin LED Kit
Finally it's done! B)

If anyone is interested in the build process you can check it out here.

[Image: Yokomo-ER34-URAS-Gang-Kit-Demi-Works-RB2...sion-7.jpg]
[Image: Yokomo-ER34-URAS-Gang-Kit-Demi-Works-RB2...sion-1.jpg]
[Image: Yokomo-ER34-URAS-Gang-Kit-Demi-Works-RB2...sion-2.jpg]
[Image: Yokomo-ER34-URAS-Gang-Kit-Demi-Works-RB2...sion-3.jpg]
[Image: Yokomo-ER34-URAS-Gang-Kit-Demi-Works-RB2...sion-4.jpg]
[Image: Yokomo-ER34-URAS-Gang-Kit-Demi-Works-RB2...sion-5.jpg]
[Image: Yokomo-ER34-URAS-Gang-Kit-Demi-Works-RB2...sion-6.jpg]
[Image: Yokomo-ER34-URAS-Gang-Kit-Demi-Works-RB2...sion-8.jpg]
[Image: Yokomo-ER34-URAS-Gang-Kit-Demi-Works-RB2...sion-9.jpg]
[Image: Yokomo-ER34-URAS-Gang-Kit-Demi-Works-RB2...ion-10.jpg]
[Image: Yokomo-ER34-URAS-Gang-Kit-Demi-Works-RB2...ion-11.jpg]
[Image: Yokomo-ER34-URAS-Gang-Kit-Demi-Works-RB2...ion-12.jpg]
[Image: Yokomo-ER34-URAS-Gang-Kit-Demi-Works-RB2...ion-13.jpg]
[Image: Yokomo-ER34-URAS-Gang-Kit-Demi-Works-RB2...ion-14.jpg]
[Image: advertisesmall.png]
Nice. The lights look amazing, real bright.
*Everyone enjoy DM*

What I am currently having fun with: Yokomo DiB Ver.2 (In Blue)
I like how agressive it looks.
[Image: aa.jpg]
Greaaat work :))
didnt notice this till today, looks aggressive with those bodykit
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Oooooh that's nice!

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