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Drift Cockpit
I've been seeing some vids all over youtube nd fb with drifters with a driver controlling the steering and handbrake/ shifter and head turnin as well. Does anyone here have any experience in building these ?? If so please share.

Here are some links of the many vids I've seen as reference to some.
The stuff people do with their spare time amazes me. I'm amazed at how creative people become when you give them a blank canvas like an rc car
Currently working on a RWD Sakura D3 Check out my --->build thread^^

That's crazy !!!

Most likely mini servo that are steering and throttle + brake setted
Pretty simple in concept, the basic idea is getting a y connector to your servo channel so that it connects two servos instead of one, (same thing for throttle), and everything else is proprietary due to inner chassis layout, but generally the steering column is directly concentric to the servo axis of rotation whereas the shifter/handbrake is in lieu of the servo horn for the second servo
No such thing as perfect.
Student for life.

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