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Drift control confusion
Hi y'all,
So I've seen footage of drifting on youtube and the like, and the drift is started by oversteering, and then the front wheels countersteer, but the car continues in the same general direction. I have a basic rc car with duct tape on the wheels, as I have seen people do on this forum and elsewhere to make drifting easier. I have tried this countersteer method when engaging in drifting, but the car is not affected by this steering. Instead, it just drift in a curve for a second or two and then spins out. 

This car can only steer left/right/straight, and has no increments. Is this relevant?
Is there anything I can do? Any suggestions would help.
It has no increments as in its either straight, full left or full right with no "in between"?
If so, you're not going to be able to drift like that. Drifting requires quite a bit of finesse and steering/throttle control.
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Try looking for a YouTube video explaining 50/50 or 50-50 drifting. If it's a touring car with duct-taped wheels, you can't expect it to counter-steer like a drift chassis meant for counter-steer drifting. For one, you don't have the turning angles or the right gear ratio (assuming you have an AWD).

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Sounds like you don't have proportional control.

Is this a toy class car from walmart or something?
When drifting with 50/50 - It describes how your balance between throttle and steering is.

Going upwards towards Countersteering so do the balance change but 1.3 CS is pretty stable. 1.5 CS is also stable. 1.6-1.8 the car is more focused on constant lock and on 2.0+ is more or less always drifting so more control is needed with the throttle and steering.

If we focus on Rwd, the gyro handles much of the input but mainly the first countersteering and the middlepart we only maintain the steering and focus 70-80% on the throttle.
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