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drifters Lexus GS400
hey guys, this lexus shell come with my mst but ive done a bit of detail on it. added exhaust intercooler mirrors stickers flashing light kit. see if you can spot the other little detail i put in ;) eventually ill hit it with a carbon bonnet as i buggered up the holes on the front :( oh well life goes o and here it is!

[Image: lexusgs400002_zps0cb5a46f.jpg]
[Image: lexusgs400003_zpsda8857a5.jpg]
[Image: lexusgs400004_zpsc38da409.jpg]
[Image: lexusgs400005_zpsa429211f.jpg]

anything you would like to suggest im all ears! :)
[Image: Pedobear_by_theeyeball1.png]
looks good.. maybe deeper offset rims with diamond cut tires for that VIP hellaflush look..
The underdog drifter....
[Image: 117.gif]
yeah these are 0mm, its a 190 shell so thats kinda annoying, have wheels arriving tomorrow!
[Image: Pedobear_by_theeyeball1.png]
A drop of black on the wiper skrews maybe..

Looks cool tho.
so had alot of wheels and so on arrive today, figured this bad boy deserves new wheels and a wing! what ya think?

[Image: lexusv20004_zps4442de4b.jpg]
[Image: lexusv20005_zps4a8dfb08.jpg]
[Image: lexusv20007_zps7bc0d5a6.jpg]
[Image: lexusv20008_zps23f5cb6d.jpg]

shells only 190mm so i have 2mm front and 5mm rear, thanks to diamond cut tyres it works well! wheels are the d-like ones! fell inlove when i first seen them!
[Image: Pedobear_by_theeyeball1.png]
Lookin sweet as bro.
Avoca Drift Shed Au.
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Omg I'm in love with that lmao I like the wing!!!!
so new kicks! overdose work vskf 5mm front 7mm rear on a 190mm body ha love it!

[Image: 003_zps94aaf81b.jpg]
[Image: 008_zpsee679712.jpg]
[Image: Pedobear_by_theeyeball1.png]
New wheels look great.
ok so another set of wheels, and something has been deleted!
[Image: lexusnobodyposts005_zpsc59fd847.jpg]
[Image: lexusnobodyposts004_zps11705fea.jpg]
[Image: lexusnobodyposts003_zpsb4a57a4b.jpg]
[Image: lexusnobodyposts002_zpsc6579a27.jpg]
[Image: lexusnobodyposts001_zps34b97d57.jpg]
[Image: Pedobear_by_theeyeball1.png]

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