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Drifting Noob from Cali
Hey everyone. Literally just joined the forum and just wanna give a quick intro.
Coming from California, I've had a few RC cars as a kid but nothing serious. I've always wanted to get one within the more recent years but never really followed through. Recently I decided to finally buy one. Did a little research and decided to go with a RTR from Team Apex. Came with a Brushless motor, I changed the battery to Lipo. Also changed out the shell, it came with a TC body but I got an MW body. I eventually plan on building a more decent built rig but I just want to learn to drift for now. There is a local spot that has a drift course or so the guy at the hobby store told me about it, I plan on going there in the near future not sure if street touring or for drift. Might want to go nitro but thats a whole different ballgame?

Heres a link to the car I have:

Other than that I hope to learn more about builds and mods while I'm here.

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