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DriftMission Slogan Contest!!
The helpful people :)
Keep Drifting Fun
[Image: 9121590828_f56a93fe31_o.jpg]
lifes never straight when your drifting.
[Image: Pedobear_by_theeyeball1.png]
driftmission: rc drift is where getting sideways and smiling always come first
The best of the information rc drift for all in preview
hope you like this one guys, DriftMission "more torque, less traction"
always getting sideways
(05-25-2013, 02:35 AM)403sharpie Wrote:
-Your CS Source
-Turning enthusiasts into addicts
-Your road to Countersteer
-Your #1 JDM,USDM & CS R/C Source
-Countersteering you into fun
-Countersteering your way of drift
-Countersteering your drift
-Drifting you into Countersteer
-Drifting you into fun
-Drifting you into counter steering fun
-Advancing your drift
-Advancing your drift experience
-Countersteering your drift experience
-Showing the world how to counter steer
-Showing you how to countersteer one drift at a time
-One drift at a time
-Your drift addiction source
-Sourcing your drift  
-Sourcing your drift addiction
-Providing your addiction, one CS at a time
I'll edit with more when I think of some haha
*facepalm* do you read rules? One slogan per person :/
Chi-Town Drifter
I dont see that post lol,must have got deleted
I edited it to have one slogan after I read rules then it got deleted then slidesideways got upset that i ruined his day and facepalmed me :p
lol I think he face palmed himself, either way submit a slogan I don't see any from you

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