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DX2s with gyro
Hey Guys 

I am new to RC drifting but not new to the RC world. i have been racing 1/8 off road buggies for a few years now, i am changing over to drifting. I have a Spektrum DX2S with telemetry. will i be able to use this receiver with a gyro, servo and esc or will i need to upgrade to a 3 channel ?
There are also gyros, where the gain can be set with a poti only. Those don´t require a third channel to work.
E.g. The MST LSD 2.0 S works that way, while the MST LSD 2.0 RS needs the third channel signal to function.
thanks heaps man. that works out well s im getting a MST FXX-D package to start with .

Most gyros have a manual (physical adjustment) potentiometer located on the body of the gyro, with the 3rd channel lead being used for those who wish to use their receiver to adjust gyro gain. I currently own D-Like, Futaba, MST, Speed Passion, and Yokomo gyros that all allow for both manual and receiver-controlled adjustment.

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ok cool so like you said the 3rd channel is only to adjust on the fly from receiver, which i think i can live with out. i do want to get a multi channel receiver at some point just not now

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