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Eagle Racing M06 custom
(09-22-2017, 07:41 AM)Oversliders Drift Works Wrote:  Super tight job man. I love how you recycled that R31 perfectly.
Great job on the carbon fiber cutting.
How is it sliding?

Sorry for the late reply. It's sliding fine right now. I recently took it to the One Ten Drift Network drift demo at the Sacramento Auto Show. The surface is polished concrete and is like ice so you don't even need lots of throttle to slide. But it was spinning out very easily, mainly due to the front wheels still making contact with the lower control arms, and the right front tire hitting the steering link.

Actually just yesterday, I revamped the front suspension geometry by widening the front track by lengthening the lower control arms. It clears everything so much better now. I also redid the shocks using 30wt oil. Oh and I forgot to mention I'm using Raikou drift tires all around with 6mm offset wheels. I tinkered a bit more with preloads and alignments and it's quite better now. It still has a strong oversteer feel but I just have to be gentler on the weight shifting and throttle inputs. It's a bit tricky trying to balance the rear since all that weight provides lots of grip but I want it to slide easily while still keeping it in check.
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