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Eagle Racing R31-16fm and bodies
I will be purchasing this chassis soon, and wondering what bodies fit best on this chassis with the motor mounted in the front? I am not sure about clearance issues and what not. Any help is appreciated!! Thanks!
I believe those higher front bodies will do. I dont use a FM chassis though. Yok chasers, Tamiya GT86s, all should do fine. I'd suggest to stay away from 180sx types as they have low fronts.
So far the only body I can't fit is the speedpassion furai. But my FC, ae86 and 180 bodies clear fine. Just mind the width. It's a 200mm chassis so you either need 200mm bodies or low offsets.

Also if you build the kit per the instructions the wheelbase will be about 10mm too long. I had to spacer my arms inboard more to make it fit all my bodies.
One vias fit so 180sx should as well

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Thanks a lot, I appreciate all the info!
No problem man

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hpi soarer works fine with it

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