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Eagle TT02 RWD
A friend of mine lent me his slightly used kit with the option to buy, I think i will keep it.

For now I moved most of the stuff from my Hotbodies TC-FD build, I was having issues setting it up the kit to the way i drive. What I moved are the Usukani knuckles, mono shock, TRF dampers and the electroics.

Using the front stock knuckles, I was having issues configuring the steering, It took way longer to adjust caster since there is not option. Installing the usukani's allowed me faster access to caster adjustments but ended up adjusting the top arms to add more.

I hope someone can show me the steering settings you used for full lock, this is the only thing left for me to do. The kit is handline well, but not perfect, I think I had the TC-FD dialed down and it was handling better than this TT02.

Here are some pic of my build...

[Image: _DSC7584.png]

[Image: _DSC7601.png]

[Image: _DSC7625.png]

Thanks for viewing!
That is one beautiful machine.
Very nice. ??
What is the benefit of using shocks as upper arms in the rear? Is there a noticeable difference in driving?


Is the monoshock worth it?
Thanks Guys!

(12-15-2016, 09:45 AM)MattyJ603 Wrote:  What is the benefit of using shocks as upper arms in the rear? Is there a noticeable difference in driving?


Is the monoshock worth it?

what i have noticed is it provides additional grip to the rear tires, i've tried it on 3 chassis with same performance enhancement... D4, TC-FD and now this TT02 RWD.
the monoshock makes it easier for me to tune, i do not have to consider building two shocks to perform identically.
A little update...

I found the Tekin 13.5T motor a little too weak for my driving so I bought 2 motors for it, Speedpassion 10.5T and a Yokomo 10.5T, decided to use the Yokomo motor because of it's higher KV.

The mono shocks where giving me a bit of a problem, I did not have enough springs to play with to get the front drifting properly. The front hard springs are from my stock D4 and the rear is the soft from the D4 too. the rear has modified pistons with 4 larger holes (forgot how big) and uses x-rings from Tamiya, the front pistons still has 3 holes but larger, TRF o-rings.

I've purchased v2 front parts,  AL Steering Bar V2 (TT02RWDV2-01), Servo Horn Set V2 (TT02RWDV2-02) and Steering Stopper (TT02RWDV2-08) for the stock knuckle. Not sure about you guys running v2 and/or upgraded and bought the Steering Stopper... it did not work for me so i reverted back to Usukani knuckles and installed a pin on the knuckle arm as a stopper... that worked perfectly.

This build runs real nice on tiles, I have not tried it on cement on this current setup. I think i got the dampers setup nicely that i do not use weights. I still need to test the car on cement tracks and set it up there.

[Image: akumu-tt02-rwd-01.png]

Here is a shot with the v2 upgrade parts. Some of the local drifters don't like the v2 servo horns and reverted back to v1 horns, I kinda like it... it is way smoother. a bit twitchy now but I works good. What do you guys think?

[Image: akumu-tt02-rwd-02.png]

I might go to HK next week and was thinking of getting a Savox low profile servo and some new wheels and shells... lets see.

Thanks for viewing!
This is one of the best looking GRT's I've seen!
All the silver components look great. Did you have them anodized?
I've heard the same from other drifters about the V2 steering horn, but if it works for you, awesome!
Thank you for the cool compliment.

To answer you question, no i did not have it re-anodized, i just deanodize the gold and polished the rear section. The front will be polished when i get the new low profile servo tomorrow from a local hobby store. HK trip was cancelled, might go some time Feb instead.

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