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KRAZY COW S13 WIP! Stage 3..
Relax and take it Eazy! There's nothing else to do until that package arrives! lmao!!
[Image: IMG_2572_zps2cd3979c.jpg]
another body will be monstrous
Dude, i love your work. Its inspiring
thanks guys and it's time to get this happening!
WIP! So I have total control with creativity on this S13 for COWRC. So why not start a Metallic Cow Skull with Spur and Pinion gears. Gonna back it with Chrome and Krazy colours!
hope this turns out as Krazy as the others!
[Image: IMG_2830_zpsffd642bd.jpg]
WIP! Krazy Cow S13.
It took me ages to decide on which main colour to back this shell with. So I've decide with this Fluorescent Metalic Green. The Krazy explosion is basically a mixture of different shades of silver and black! the roof, front bar and hood will be in different colours. Still a lot to do.
Note, the drawing has masking tape behind it, It will be Silver and Gold...
[Image: IMG_2858copy_zps9e754cd4.jpg]
are your drawing done with paint to? interior or exterior?
(07-02-2013, 03:46 AM)kidastra Wrote:  are your drawing done with paint to? interior or exterior?

the drawing is done with markers on the outside. the paint is done inside.
looks pretty sweet
Coming along very nice.
heyyy thanks guys!
So I decided to give the front my B&W treatment with a Black and Graphite pinstripe hood I painted to give it that extra classiness! lol. So business at the front and party at the back! We're have way... hope you guys like it so far.
Note, all paint and protective film is on..
[Image: IMG_2891_zps00cc3a5d.jpg]

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