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really cool, thats what hgcolors used to do before he discovered watersliding. he handpaints all the design, every single detail and his got some pretty wicked stuff too. love the purple part, though not too sure bout the gold trims, well like you said its still is a wip. am glued to this section.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
thanks dude. but i'm nowhere as good as HG. his builds are legendary!

here's the front. It actually looks like a Samurai mask! lol..
[Image: IMG_2671_zpsa6b584ef.jpg]
that does look like a mask!! thats sick
Keep Drifting Fun
[Image: 9121590828_f56a93fe31_o.jpg]
Also found a Samurai Sword embedded in the body!
[Image: 20130626_111200_zps3b12d0c0.jpg]
man, that is straight up coolness right there, and your carving your self into being a legend aswell, that angle showing the mask - thats smart. and that samurai sword, genius.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
thanks dude.
she's now all done..
hope u guys like it! more to come!

[Image: IMG_2713_zpsfa42866d.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2732_zps457336ee.jpg]
here's a top shot!
[Image: 1044347_623563971001342_1957730111_n_zps232eafd7.jpg]

the other side is a bit different!
[Image: IMG_2019copy_zps171ff3ba.jpg]
Amazing.. Lots of talent here.. You, lexury, re-extreme, and many more on DM.. All have great talents.. Very unique.. This is why I love this forums.. So much experience on many things...
The underdog drifter....
[Image: 117.gif]
add to that, instead of bashers, we got sharers here. ( dont even know if theres such a word "sharer")
doesn't feel like someone wants to step on you. keep it fun keep drifting
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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