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eBay D3 Too Good To Be True?
I'll look into the parts you've suggested. I am looking to spend enough to get the chassis set up nicely and maybe later down the line I'll invest in some more expensive upgrades.

In terms of tyres what would you suggest? HPI T-Drifts seem to be quite popular.


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I used t-drifts on my rwd and wasn't a fan of how they felt on tarmac. May be different with awd. I'm now using 2Bros tires. Your options are almost limitless with tires lol. Check out the tire thread in the general discussion forum to help yourself decide.
Fair enough. I'll have a look at that forum.

Thanks again,

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How is the quality of carbon fiber parts? I already have original D3 and looking for a cheap way to reduce the weight.
Or maybe how is the quality of just shock tower? My front plastic started to bend lately. Is this cheap carbon fiber good replacement?
For what its worth I agree with the general advice here, go for an original 3Racing kit, they are already good value, heaps of support and lots of spares available.

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