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Ebbi's 'Hyouka' C35 Laurel
It's been awhile since I made a shell due to study and work commitments, but now holidays are upon me!
so i picked up the Yokomo C35 shell that's been sitting here for a couple months collecting dust and decided to make something special of it! this is probably my most invested build and by far took the longest conceptually (didn't even know what colours i was doing until i was actually spraying >.<).
The car is iridescent Green/purple with pearl white backing. Characters: Oreki (M) - Gunmetal. Chitanda (F) - hair, transparent red/transparent orange; skirt: anodised blue; shirt: pearl white. All skin tones silver.
flowers are transparent red/transparent orange. Permanent markers have been used for all the green leaves and the black outlines - big thanks to Danny (EAZY) for his inspirational works and help with this method.

Shell: Yokomo Wonder C35 Laurel
other bits: WUN 3D grill and door handle set, Speedway Pal exhaust, Yokomo light buckets and intercooler/oil cooler kit, R2hobbies 2in1 Light kit

Completed! mounted on my Ultimate fullop OD TA06MS
[Image: gqP1hgd.jpg]
[Image: vG78d22.jpg]
[Image: MVKUVwc.jpg]

the haul from months ago
[Image: wgzaA6z.jpg]
[Image: cZiIQtn.jpg]
L side - vine with flowers
[Image: 2okkwOC.jpg]
R side - Oreki + Chitanda
[Image: UAzZOGf.jpg]
[Image: 4u9ef4f.jpg]
[Image: 4J2QSwV.jpg]
Light kit installed/using Overdose Work Gnosis rims
[Image: LjxlJnP.jpg] [Image: QBgPNIt.jpg]

thanks for reading!
[Image: pgNNjza.jpg]
Kazama GSX-R Doripake
Tamiya TA-06 MS 
Sanwa M12
Absolutely amazing. Have you ever thought about selling stuff like this?
Love the dedication. In that :)
[Image: 9123805157_8fe7c0d400_n.jpg]
HPI Sprint 2 Drift / mid motor drift weapon
MST FS-01D / new work in progress

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