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Ebbi's WUN FR-D V2.0 build
After quite a few weeks of drooling at Overdose parts and FR-D/DP parts, I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy the damned thing - Banzai had just received a shipment of OD parts when i decided to buy so call it fate? divine intervention?
I've acquired the taste of full op - as evidenced by my TA06MS and Zeon MkIV, so this chassis would be no different. Many Overdose, some Active, and other bits and bobs that I could get my hands on.
To help fund this new endeavour, some chassis' had to go. I let go of one of my VBC Wildfire Touring chassis' as well as my long standing CS and RWD chassis: Gold 16FM. Sad to see her go, but I wasn't enjoying eagle racing next to the Zeon and Ta06.

anyhow, without further ado, hajimaru yo!

This is the first time i've done a full op build right from the very beginning, so I laid it all out for the Ta06 and Zeon to have a glimpse of their soon-to-be brother in blue. I don't read chassis emotion well but I suspect they were happy?
[Image: TSvW6p0.jpg]

First things first: Tools! I use a small fleet of tools to work on new stuff. I was able to score some pretty swish surgical tools from a medical conference I attended once...(if you can, get down to a medical supplies shop and buy some forceps! most useful tool ever!)
[Image: 0IlpCbo.jpg]

Started out with the stuff that came in the WUN FR-D kit. Gearbox first!
WUN Gears are actually really nice - these revised steel ones are really accurate and sharp,
[Image: 5jUMNjv.jpg]

as is the centre shaft cup - which is really really small IRL
[Image: tQjpwnz.jpg]

got a bit carried away and didn't bother to take pictures of the build of the case.
here's it competed! I ditched the black hex hardware for Titanium hexes stolen from my TC (im not a serious TC racer - it doesn't need bling >.< ). This gearbox is a lot simpler than it looks prior to completion.
Also added a washer to the screw that is used to adjust the gear mesh.
[Image: dPhrP7i.jpg]

For turnbuckle hardware, I've gone with these Streetjam Golden ball ends. The finish is epic and I liked them so much i switched the entire Ta06 over as well >.< Mated to these will be some Overdose turnbuckle ends in white with Blue Overdose turnbuckles*
*yet to arrive
[Image: UDGChS6.jpg]

New HD wipers should really come in blue.... but still, they are very nice. I even bothered to seal the carbon bits just because >.<
[Image: HfZgmAE.jpg]

Completed Gearbox mounted to chassis with wipers surrounded in carbon - lovely
[Image: ySunJI0.jpg]

This is what you get for your 34000 yen - minus the motor. Spent quite some time sealing every little bit of carbon.
[Image: HYrjh43.jpg]

I decided to use Overdose's front damper stay - I had plenty of time to oggle at it prior to the FR-D kit rocking up.
[Image: RJoRyuJ.jpg]

Finishing the front end, I turned my attention to the rear end.
For the spool, I went with RC926's Aluminium spool with hardened steel outdrive cups coupled with standard Yokomo graphite gears.
[Image: r2fQ4zE.jpg]

The spool will be housed in the most fantastic collection of OD parts I have ever held - a DP's rear gear case! This was a bit of a hassle though. The internal bearing for the input shaft is a 8x14 which is a really unusual size and one that I hadn't ordered. My LHS fixed me up, but they only had ceramic bearings and charged me a whopping $9.95 for a single bearing :| still better than not having it running whilst parts come in from overseas!
yokomo have created a truly genius gearbox though. 2 screws to access the rear diff! 6 to remove the entire gearbox housing! the Zeon takes about 16 plus removing toe blocks and suspension spacers falling everywhere and more or less disassembling the entire damned chassis before you can think about accessing the diff.
[Image: 60sHH0q.jpg]

Isn't Overdose just the best? :3
[Image: sdrRozY.jpg]

Gearbox mounted onto chassis.
[Image: J9nbl8Q.jpg]

The angle of this motor is annoying me! the other holes in the mounting block don't mesh well :| any ideas FR-D people? it's a Hobbywing Xerun 10.5t (once again pinched from my TC), but I intend to replace it with a Viper 9.5t. namely because the viper has some really funky internal fans which makes the greatest turbo scream ever - my mates 10.5t will drown out my 5.5t SP V3.0 on full turbo.
[Image: vkWlUbQ.jpg]

More to come! active suspension, parts theft, more OD :3

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