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Enroute JXR rebuild

Thought this might help out some of you since ther's not so much information about the JXR upgrades.

Before I ordered my XXX-D-Vip i did a little rebuild on my JXR. I'm really pleased with this chassis and with all the gathered information on driving it last year, I know what it does, and how it acts on the several surfaces we drive on. I believe it will be my competition chassis for a while.

Last year I got the v2 red limited edition in its standard form. That means it had 1,6 countersteer pulley's installed.
It had the nice red parts and the titanium look carbon I liked so much and as soon as it came to my door I started rebuilding the thing.

It was partly build, which is fine, but offcourse I took it all apart and rebuild it on my own way.

This it how it looks like out of the box.

[Image: IMG_9575.JPG]

The dampers are stock enroute ones, which I suspise from being a 3racing copy. They are not that good quality actually, but they work fine for a while.

During last year D-expert developed a new type of traction carbon plates which supposed to give me more grip and flex.
Not gonna bother you with that info, cause I only drove a couple of times with it to finally order me some new original onesinstead...=(
At the end of last year I found a website which contained a lot of info and parts about my chassis, but unfortunatly it was written in japanese and ordering the parts was difficult and almost not done.
Luckily Tetsujin could help me out with finding these hard to come by parts and rebuild take 2 was a fact XD

Along with the new Enroute parts I also ordered some new Hiro-Seiko screws. I chose the color red to match the other aluminum.

At the start I glued the edges of the carbon underdeck. Before glueing them I colored the edges black with a marker.
While the glue was drying I Already put some of the parts together.

[Image: 2013_%2525202_25_23_%2525201.jpg]

In the picture below you can see the new carbon set which contains a new underdeck, and two upperdeck pieces.
It is all built to give that extra flex on the rear end. Also it is a quite small plate which gives you the advantage to add more roll to your chassis.

[Image: 2013_%2525202_25_23_%2525201.jpg]

I added some vinyl and graphics to the underside of the deck to protect it from damaging.
We as a team are part of the zilla crew so I put a nice zilla sticker on top of the wrap which looks like this

[Image: 2013_%2525202_25_23_%2525203.jpg]

On with the techstuff, for a while me and my teammate were experimenting the type-C castermod. As I found out Enroute also makes these upper arms, I ordered them with the new decks.
The upperarms are much smaller then the yokomo ones, which should give me more space to play with.

[Image: 2013_%2525202_25_23_%2525204.jpg]

This castermod gives the chassis more steering angle then it already had before. I'm almost at 60 degrees now, the stock cvd's can handle the angle nicely so no need changing them.

[Image: 2013_%2525205_%2525206_%2525200_43.jpg]

Along with the type-C conversion came a problem with the dampers, at full lock the wheels started to grind the springs which is something you don't want to have.
I solved this problem by making some extension plates from an old carbon shocktower I found.

[Image: 2013_%2525202_25_23_%2525204.jpg]

I still need to use a minimum of 7/8mm offset to gain full lock, but it works.

When it the rebuild was done, the electronics were installed back again and it was time to test this baby out. It feels more solid and the handling really improves.
Also when you add some more ride height, the chassis can really roll a lot. This gives you a lot more traction on slippery surfaces.
To top it all off I weighed the chassis per seperate wheel. Put the gravity center in the middle of the chassis and more squat to the rear. It really makes me help doing transitions.

Finally the chassis looks like this

[Image: 2013_%2525205_%2525206_%2525201_%2525202.jpg]

I use the following electronics:

- Hobbywing Xtremestock esc with 119stock firmware
- Speedpassion 10,5T MMM series
- Savox 1251mg low profile servo
- Spektrum receiver
- Turnigy nano-tech 5600mAh lipo battery's

Got any questions? Please feel free to ask!
Iv only just discovered the type-c mod stuff, I'm planning to try it on a few chassies with the new KPI knuckles that have just come out and/or the Kazama ones? Thanks for the tip on the shock placement issue and your mod there!! love the JXR series, there simple and easy to understand lol
[Image: 527658_318150278265465_2001307640_n_zps3e799a87.jpg]
Nice chassis!
Avoca Drift Shed Au.
Visitors Always Welcome!
damn! Looks like you have a crap load of angle on that chassis :D I cant wait till i get my MS-01 ^-^
Chi-Town Drifter
this is dope. i love these chassis :)

have you thought about switching to the new enroute lower arms as well?
Keep Drifting Fun
[Image: 9121590828_f56a93fe31_o.jpg]
I have tought about switching it, but I am not very fond of aluminum arms. And the quality of enroute aluminum isn't top of the line.
The concept is cool tho, with that spherical bearing.
i have them, there actually pretty nice
Keep Drifting Fun
[Image: 9121590828_f56a93fe31_o.jpg]
How long have you been driving them robb41488?
never installed them. once i realized i needed more parts they were put into my spares haha
Keep Drifting Fun
[Image: 9121590828_f56a93fe31_o.jpg]
I have received  these parts myself. As per
JXR458S – Silver Alloy Spherical Arms
JXR460S – Silver Alloy Spherical Knuckles
JXR459S – Silver Alloy Upper Arm Mounts for Spherical arm

Will be installing them into my JXR v12B chassis  on the weekend. will let u know how I go.

Reinier, Can I ask what spur gear is that you have? I don't like the stock one I have and black looks better too.
Also, What belt are you running on the front? Doesn't look stock. Where do u get it from?
I think what u have done to the front, top rod end at knuckle is good idea as well. I am going to replace all rod ends as they have a little to much movement in them from new.
Even the bearing fit into the steering  knuckles is a little loose for my liking. But then again I am a metal machinist so I notice these things.
But it is a good chassis and value for money. Drifts well ;)

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